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Gaiam Stay-Put Yoga Mat Towel - Purple with Green trim

UPC: 625712706301
Stay-put design features four corner pockets to keep your towel in place during your most challenging practice.

Grippy Yoga Mat Towel - Gray/Citron

UPC: 625712704673

Grippy Yoga Socks - S/M Sparkling Grape

UPC: 625712707353
Put your entire sole into your yoga practice! Now you don’t even need your mat to get into your favourite poses.

Lush Teal No-slip Yoga Towel

UPC: 625712704192
Absorbs Sweat and Increases Grip. Great travel Mat. Ideal for Hot Yoga.

Mary Jane Yoga Socks - Small/Medium (Teal/Fuchsia/White/Grey)

UPC: 625712707728
Feel secure and stylish in barre, yoga, Pilates or dance class, and the five-toe design encourages toes to spread for healthier feet.

Ocean Sky Thirsty Yoga Mat Towel

UPC: 625712707452
Perfect for hot yoga sessions

Pink Storm Grippy Yoga Mat Towel

UPC: 625712707469
This super grippy towel will feel like an extension of your mat

Sure-Grip Headband - Purple Medallion

UPC: 625712703676
Hold your hair back with this grippy headband.