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2-Colour Reversible Premium Yoga Mat (5mm) - Granite Storm

UPC: 625712705984
Perfect for home or studio use, this mat ensures the safety and comfort you need to enhance proper alignment and maintain poses.

3-in-1 Strap & Sling - Fern Green

UPC: 625712700200
Handy multipurpose yoga accessory.

3-in-1 Strap & Sling - Purple

UPC: 029956600607
Handy multipurpose yoga accessory.

5 Day Fit Abs DVD

UPC: 018713583826
5 powerful workouts for one goal: amazing abs!

5 Day Fit Trouble Zone Solutions DVD

UPC: 018713580122
Firm glutes, tone thighs and slim hips. 5 workouts on 1 DVD!

5 Day Fit Weight Loss DVD

UPC: 018713541239
Add variety to your routine and lose weight faster.

5 Day Fit Yoga DVD

UPC: 018713537614
5 varied workouts to keep your at-home workout centered.

5 Day Fit: Yoga DVD

UPC: 625712700743
5 Day Fit Yoga DVD includes: AM Peak Performance Yoga with Rod Stryker: This series of gentle morning stretches helps awaken the body and optimize your physical and mental well-being so you become more at ease in everything you do. 28 minutes. PM Peak Performance Yoga with Rod Stryker: Focuses on breathing, relaxation and softening the mind. 31 minutes. AM Yoga for Weight Loss with Suzanne Deason: Gentle selection of morning yoga exercises to help maintain weight loss by restoring a stronger connection between the body and mind. 24 minutes. PM Yoga for Weight Loss with Suz

5-Braid Yoga Headband

UPC: 625712707087
Colourful braided headband to keep your flyaways, away.

5mm Reversible Printed Yoga Mat - Sea Grass

UPC: 625712703874
Provides cushion for your body.

6' Yoga Strap - Grey

UPC: 625712704741
Deepen your stretch and hold poses longer with assistance.

6' Yoga Strap - Purple

UPC: 625712704253
Deepen your stretch and hold poses longer with assistance.

6' Yoga Strap (natural)

UPC: 029956719200
Benefits: 100% organic cotton webbing, Helps you stretch and properly position your body in yoga poses, Easy to thread and adjust.

A.M. Yoga for Your Week DVD

UPC: 625712700880
DVD includes: Five 20-minute focused morning routines, Workouts appropriate for all skill levels, Daily variety for your yoga practice.

Aluminum Ear Buds - Green

UPC: 035286307611
Designed to provide comfort, style and quailty sound for your workout.

AM & PM Yoga CD

UPC: 018713528384
1. AM YOGA: Awaken to the new day with the invigorating benefits of Yoga, stretch, breathe and energize. 2. PM YOGA: Unwind the day with the soothing benefits of Yoga: Calm, peaceful and tranquil

Ash Leaves Printed Yoga Mat (3mm)

UPC: 625712703423
Textured non-slip surface.

Ashtanga Yoga for Beginners with Nicki Doane DVD

UPC: 018713609229
Alleviate stress, achieve balance and increase energy.

Athletic Yoga - 2gripMat (Black)

UPC: 018713614933
Ideal for hot yoga or advanced yoga classes.

Athletic Yoga - 2gripMat (Green)

UPC: 018713614865
Ideal for hot yoga or advanced yoga classes.

Athletic Yoga - 5mm Reversible DuraMat (Black/Grey)

UPC: 018713615664
Longer and wider than traditional mats, the duraMat utilizes matDD — Dura-Dense — Technology for firmer support, cushioning and long-wearing performance.