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The Firm Powerburn 45 DVD

A compilation of 3 previously released workouts: Cardio Inferno (30 minutes) Cardio Dance Slim Down (45 Minutes) Ultimate Fat-Burning Workout (45 Minutes)
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A compilation of 3 previously released workouts:

Cardio Inferno (30 minutes) - Cardio Inferno turns up the heat on your weight loss. This blend of highly effective cardio and light sculpting moves delivers a super-charged workout experience. Sculpt your body slim with this hot new cardio workout.

Cardio Dance Slim Down (45 Minutes) -Dance your way to a slimmer you. These dance-inspired, low-impact moves work your entire body. Whether your target is to lose weight, tone your muscles or achieve waistline reduction, this workout will help you attain your goals and have fun doing it. From traditional dance steps to brand new moves, Firm Master Instructor Allie DelRio Pointer will guide you through every easy to follow exercise. Energizing music keeps your feet moving and your heart pounding. Start looking forward to your workout. Step out of the ordinary and dance into a new way of keeping fit.

Ultimate Fat-Burning Workout (45 Minutes) - Reform your body in record time. Take cardio and mix it with strength training and you have The Firm's Ultimate Fat Burning Workout. The cardio burns fat while the strength training builds your muscles. It is a perfect mix that will tone your body while decreasing your body fat percentage. Get the body you've always wanted by spending only 45 minutes a day. Firm Master Instructor Alison Davis leads you through exercises that sculpt your arms, legs, back, chest and abs. Use the optional light dumbbell movements to add a different feel to your workout. All of the exercises are low-impact and easy to follow. Don't spend time working just one area when you can have a complete workout that focuses on your whole body and turns you into a fat burning, sculpted work of art.


Running Time: 120 Minutes

Fitness Level: Intermediate

Equipment Needed: Hand Weights

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