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SPRI Segmented Jump Rope

Features cushioned, non-slip handles with removable weights and easy-swivel design.
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The Weighted Segmented Jump Rope is a 9 foot segmented rope that features cushioned, non-slip handles with removable weights and an easy-swivel design for unrestricted rope movement. Also ideal for beginners or as a warm-up rope. Total weight is 1.5 pounds. Exercise Guide included.

Weighted Segmented Jump Rope Features:
• 9-foot long, segmented rope
• Cushioned, non-slip handles
• Removable weights
• Easy-swivel design
• Ideal for beginners or to warm-up
• Total weight of 1.5lb

Material: Rope: PVC and nylon, Handle: PVC with steel weight

Feel: Spin: Moderate, Rope Weight: Medium, Handle Length: 5", Handle Texture: Soft, Handle Shape: Straight

Product Use: Great warm-up or beginners rope with added hand resistance

Nonadjustable: 9' rope

UPC: 625712705540