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SPRI Dynamic Recovery Flat Band - Light

Stretch, tone and strengthen.
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The SPRI Flat Band is a portable and versatile tool that provides dual-direction resistance training to increase strength, improve range of motion, and properly warm-up and cool-down muscles.Use the flat band in a variety of pre- and post-workout activities to increase blood flow and circulation to improve exercise preparation and recovery time.



One Light Resistance Flat Band

Exercise Guide


Targets arms, chest, shoulders and back

Great for switching up your workout routines or for beginners wanting to start a simple and easy workout from your house

Perfect for strength training, Pilates, or physical therapy

Great alternative to free weights and workout machines

Stretches and strengthens muscles

Increases range of motion

Reduces recovery time

Dynamic Recovery

These products are designed to help you both pre- and post-workout; reducing injury, increasing mobility and improving overall performance.

Use Before exercising to help warm and stretch muscles so you can get the most out of your workout.

Use Afterwards to reduce soreness, lengthen muscles and prevent injury.


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