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Seane Corn's Vinyasa Flow Yoga Session II - 2 DVD Set

Build strength and burn calories while reconnecting mind & body.
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For those who seek spiritual growth in their yoga practice, Vinyasa Flow Yoga Session II DVD takes Vinyasa to a new, more empowering level. Yoga offers far more than just physical rewards. Filmed live and unscripted with the intimacy of a one-on-one lesson. With Seane Corn.

As sincere and heartfelt as Seane is in embracing spirit and all it can mean for each of us, Session II in the Vinyasa Flow series takes you another step beyond the physical. Pick up the pace in this more challenging yet still technically precise practice and continue to increase your strength, flexibility and understanding of the Vinyasa Flow framework. This practice will deepen the connection between the fluid movements, each breath you take and an increasing peace of mind in your life. It will create a place you can go to feel a comfortable, personal connection with both your body and your own sense of spirit.

2 DVD Set includes:

  • Two complete program and practice options
  • 74-minute Vinyasa breathing technique
  • BONUS Interview with Seane Corn

Props recommended: yoga mat, block and strap

Aegis Award Recipient
Seane Corn's personal journey has included nearly two decades of practice in meditation, psycho-spiritual therapy and sacred ritual, as well as yoga studied with some of the most renowned teachers in teh world. She leads retreats and workshops worldwide and teaches regularly at Yoga Works in Santa Monica, California. Seane Corn has been featured on The Today Show, Yoga Journal and other national media.

UPC: 029956596108

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