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Rodney Yee's Flexibility Yoga for Beginners DVD

Acclaimed yoga instructor Rodney Yee leads three beginner-based yoga practices with flexibility in mind. These three practices will help improve reach and posture, and open up common tension areas of the body, including hips, neck and shoulders.
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According to acclaimed yoga instructor Rodney Yee

flexibility is not just about back bends and reaching for

your toes. True flexibility is about being able to move

and bend with ease and coordination. Rodney sets

you up to accomplish just that with these three

easy-to-follow yoga sequences. The practices are

designed to release tension, improve posture and

increase range of motion.


Opening up your neck, shoulder and chest allows energy

to flow through the body. This simple yet effective yoga

sequence is designed to improve posture,decrease stress

and release tension. (20 minutes)


Lengthen and elongate the spine with this series of twists and

stretches. This decompressing program will improve balance

and range of motion. (23 minutes)


Hip mobility is key in maintaining a healthy back and strong

knees. This empowering practice opens the hips in all

directions. (25 minutes)

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