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Gaiam Restore Flat Resistance Band - Medium (Blue)

UPC: 625712706769
Recondition and sculpt muscle, increase flexibility and range of motion and build total-body strength.

Gaiam Restore Flat Resistance Loop Band - Medium (Blue)

UPC: 625712706745
Activate & condition leg muscles

Gaiam Restore Dual Trigger Point Massager

UPC: 625712707001
Pinpoint areas of tightness that are hard to reach with this Dual Trigger Point Massager.

Gaiam Restore Deep Tissue Massage Roller

UPC: 625712706967
Experience a better massage with the Gaiam Restore Deep Tissue Massage Roller. Featuring an extra-firm, unique wave-like texture specifically designed to target deep layers of tissue, this functional and durable tool releases trigger points to soothe your aches faster.

Gaiam Restore Ultimate Massage Ball

UPC: 625712706455
Dense rubber massage ball provides targeted pressure to any area of the body needing muscle relief.

Gaiam Restore Neck and Back Reliever

UPC: 625712706448
Reduce tension, stiffness, and soreness with this Neck & Back Reliever. Its ergonomic design targets tightness in the neck for total body relief, while the flexible handles allow customization of massage intensity. The textured massagers will stimulate blood flow and even help ease headache pain.

Gaiam Restore Dual Finger Massager

UPC: 625712707018
Increase circulation, reduce stiffness, and soothe arthritis with this Dual Finger Massager. This massager features a no-slip, easy-grip design with two sides for massage options.

Gaiam Restore Adjustable Foot Roller

UPC: 625712706394
Completely customize your foot massage with this Adjustable Foot Roller. The seven independently spinning massagers can be rearranged hundreds of different ways, helping you release tension and relieve pain in the feet, calves, and lower legs.

Gaiam Restore Balance Cushion

UPC: 625712707834
Convert any chair into an active seat.