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Gaiam Restore 36" Total Body Foam Roller

Treat your muscles to a deep massage with the 36" high-density Foam Roller.
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Treat your muscles to a deep massage with the 36" Total Body Foam Roller. The gentle massaging and stretching releases built-up tension, loosens stiffness and elongates and aligns the skeletal system. Get the most from your Total Body Foam Roller with the included Muscle Massage Routine featuring famed fitness instructor James D’Silva. The gentle massaging and stretching isolates and works every muscle, elongating and aligning the skeletal system. The simple, restorative routine helps expand range of motion, relax muscles, release tension and restore soft tissue. 25 minutes.

Total Body Foam Roller features:
•Relieves stress and muscle tightness
•Increases circulation
•Allows you to self-massage trigger points
•Improves spinal alignment
•Ideal for stretching and balance training
•36" high-density foam roller
•Includes 25-minute workout featuring James D’Silva (English & French audio options)
•Made exclusively by Gaiam

UPC: 625712701580

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