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5 Day Fit Trouble Zone Solutions DVD

UPC: 018713580122
Firm glutes, tone thighs and slim hips. 5 workouts on 1 DVD!
$12.99 $2.99

5 Day Fit: Pilates DVD

UPC: 625712700668
Flatten your abs and get lean with Gaiam's 5 Day Fit: Pilates DVD. This DVD offers a daily challenge to help keep your Pilates workouts fresh and invigorating.
$12.99 $2.99

Pilates Tone & Burn Collection DVD Triple Feature

UPC: 018713579652
Pilates Conditioning for Weight Loss: (60 minutes) Slow down a little and learn how to integrate mind, body and breath while strengthening core muscles. This program focuses on muscle isolation, breath awareness and proper Pilates form so you can make the most of each session. Maintenance Pilates for Weight Loss: (30 minutes) Continue your weight loss success with this high-intensity program designed to keep the pounds from creeping back. This workout keeps your heart rate elevated to burn more calories and sculpt long, lean muscles. Cardio Pilates: (50 minutes) Get
$19.99 $2.99

SHAPE: The Mari Winsor Pilates for Pink Slimdown DVD

UPC: 018713570659
4 Full-Length Workouts: Cardio Burn: Rev up your metabolism as you raise your heart rate and burn fat and calories with this fast-paced Pilates-inspired cardio session. Flat-Ab Blast: Firm and flatten your midsection with a powerhouse routine designed to fully engage all of your abdominal muscles and strengthen your core. Butt and Thigh Sculptor: Tighten and reshape your lower body with intense Pilates moves specifically designed to challenge these key trouble spots. Total-Body Makeover: Get stronger and leaner from head to toe and improve your posture and look tall
$14.99 $2.99

Trudie Styler's Core Strength Pilates DVD

UPC: 018713546395
Pilates workout to maintain strength and energy from Trudie Styler with music by Sting.
$12.99 $2.99

SHAPE: The Mari Winsor Pilates For Pink Core Challenge DVD

UPC: 018713540775
Benefits of The Mari Winsor Pilates For Pink Core Challenge: Transform your entire body, Flatten abs as you blast away belly fat, Sculpt and shape your arms and shoulders, Trim and tone hips and thighs, Burn more calories, Increase flexibility, Add definition, Improve posture.
$15.99 $2.99

SHAPE: The Mari Winsor Pilates for Pink Workout DVD with Resistance Band

UPC: 018713536181
Shape: The Mari Winsor Pilates For Pink Workout DVD features: Combines Pilates and resistance moves for a complete core workout Firms abs, tones legs and sculpts arms, Gives you that taller, slimmer Pilates shape, Includes resistance band, 50 minutes.
$19.99 $2.99

Pilates Core Challenge DVD with Ana Caban

UPC: 029956536708
A challenging core-based mat workout.
$12.99 $2.99

Pilates Powerhouse Workout DVD

UPC: 029956384101
Get a power-start to your day with this complete 25-minute workout! Seated Warm-up gets your body in sync with the rhythm of your breath, Mat Exercises condition the powerhouse, glutes and entire lower body, Standing Exercises balance floorwork with total-body and flexibility moves. Props recommended: Pilates Bodyband, Pilates mat, chair, small pillow
$12.99 $2.99