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Leslie Sansone's Walk Away The Pounds: For Your Week DVD

Muscle Mile One: (20 minutes) In just 20 minutes, combine brisk walking with terrific upper body strength training. You’ll zap the calories, gain muscle and sculpt those arms, shoulders, abs, back and chest. More muscle means a faster metabolism, so you’ll burn fat longer, even after the workout is over. 30-Minutes Walk: (30 Minutes) Burn fat, build endurance, speed metabolism and improve overall health for the “perfect” amount of exercise in this powerful 2-mile walk workout. Walk Diet One Mile: (19 minutes) Get started on the road to a better body with Leslie Sanson
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5 Complete Workouts on One DVD: Muscle Mile One, 30-Minute Walk, Walk Diet One Mile, Walk Strong Express, You Can Do Pilates. Included: The Stretchie Resistance Band.