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Leslie Sansone's Walk Away The Pounds: Fat-Burning Miles DVD

Walk Away The Pounds: Fat Burning Miles DVD includes: Power Mile - With this DVD, you will be walking in quick, brisk movements - you will feel like you're preparing for a marathon. This program is great when your schedule only allows a short workout. Begin with a short warm-up and then increase the pace to the fastest mile. End the workout with a cool-down and stretch. Use 1lb. weights to increase the amount of calories burned and to keep your muscles toned. 20 minutes. Walkstrong - Strong muscles = serious fat burning. Strength training actually helps burn those calories
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With Leslie Sansome's Walk Away The Pounds: Fat Burning Miles DVD you get four complete fat burning, interval training, muscle conditioning and stretching workouts that you can easily do while walking anywhere. Fitness expert and creator of the #1 bestselling Walk Away The Pounds series, Leslie Sansone teaches you proper technique to help you shed unwanted pounds, have more energy and feel toned all over. For more added definition, DVD comes with The Stretchie® resistance band. 119 minutes.