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Jillian Michaels 10 Minute Body Transformation 2nd Edition DVD

UPC: 018713625366
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Jillian created five fun yet insanely effective 10-minute workouts in exciting new modalities: HIIT/PLYO, HARD CORE, ANIMAL STYLE, LIFT, YOGA: STRETCH & STRENGTHEN.

  • HIIT/PLYO - high intensity interval training
  • HARD CORE - routine designed to blast your mid-section
  • ANIMAL STYLE - one of Jillian's favourites - an animal movement inspired workout
  • LIFT - an upper and lower body chiseler with weights
  • YOGA - a practice to stretch and strengthen

Each workout is completely different so you stave off boredom and prevent plateaus.

Mix and match based on your schedule and how much time YOU have to exercise. If you only have 10 minutes, choose one workout. If you have 20 minutes, do two — and so on. You can even mix and match them with the workouts from the first 10 Minute Body Transformation DVD!

As always, Jillian offers modifications and progressions for every move in each workout.

UPC: 018713625366

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