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Leslie Sansone's Walk Away the Pounds: Ultimate Collection DVD with Stretchie Band

UPC: 018713542809
Walk Away the Pounds Ultimate Collection DVD includes: 1 Mile Get Up & Get Started: Show you all the basics for a brisk, upbeat walk - from perfect posture to using weights - to make this a walk for your whole body! You don't need a lot of room; just the desire to look and feel terrific. This gentle and effective form of exercise will help you tone your legs, buns and abs, condition your heart, speed up your metabolism and help fight aging! Optional equipment: 1lb. weights. 18 minutes. 2 Mile Brisk Walk: This two mile walking workout builds strength, endurance and flexibil

Maintenance Yoga for Weight Loss - DVD & CD

UPC: 029956293304
All the tools you neeed for lasting weight loss results.

Mind-Body Bootcamp DVD

UPC: 018713598530
Tone mind, body and fitness with 3 complete workouts.

Pilates Tone & Burn Collection DVD Triple Feature

UPC: 018713579652
Pilates Conditioning for Weight Loss: (60 minutes) Slow down a little and learn how to integrate mind, body and breath while strengthening core muscles. This program focuses on muscle isolation, breath awareness and proper Pilates form so you can make the most of each session. Maintenance Pilates for Weight Loss: (30 minutes) Continue your weight loss success with this high-intensity program designed to keep the pounds from creeping back. This workout keeps your heart rate elevated to burn more calories and sculpt long, lean muscles. Cardio Pilates: (50 minutes) Get

Rhythmica Dance Cardio Party DVD

UPC: 625712701535
This dance cardio workout is so fun, users won't even realize they're exercising!

Rodney Yee's Yoga Core Cross Train DVD

UPC: 625712702082
Chisel, tone, stretch.

Sugar Ray Leonard and Laila Ali: Lightweight & Heavyweight Workouts DVD

UPC: 018713583949
These innovative programs incorporate some of the unique training techniques Leonard and Ali haveused to prepare for championship fights. Integrating basic boxing moves into a series of cardio routine, these workouts are the secret to attaining a knockout physique! Special Features: The Moves – Boxing Basics, Staying Motivated with Sugar Ray Leonard, Proper Nutrition with Laila Ali

T'ai Chi Daily Practice DVD

UPC: 029956975002
A flowing routine of T'ai Chi daily practice.

Ten Zen Body Toners DVD

UPC: 018713578389
DVD Includes: Lower Body Cardio Toning: Firm up glutes, legs and hips with cardio and strength-building moves. (13 minutes) Upper Body Cardio Toning: Turn your attention to arms, shoulders and upper back while burning calories and melting fat. (17 minutes) Total Body Cardio Toning: Achieve better posture, stability, core strength and overall toning when you combine the Lower and Upper Body Cardio Toning Workouts together. (30 minute) Ten Zen Core: Strengthen and firm up the midsection with core-specific moves. (10 minutes) Total Body Pilates: Create a sleek, firm and