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5 powerful workouts for one goal: amazing abs!
UPC: 018713583826
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5 Day Fit: Abs delivers five powerful workouts for one goal: amazing abs! Sculpt lean, toned core muscles that not only look great, but help you with daily life and complement the rest of your fitness regime. “Yoga for Abs” with Rodney Yee helps to build powerful, lean abs that help you look and feel your best (25 minutes). “Pilates Powerhouse” with Jillian Hessell is focused core work that hits your abs from every angle (30 minutes). “Cardio Core Sculpt” with Tanja Djelevic is a high-energy cardio and strength blend that increases core strength and tone (10 minutes). “Core Energizer” with Patricia Moreno is a powerful martial arts and boxing-inspired workout to strengthen your core and reshape your body (25 minutes). “Pilates Core Challenge” with Ana Caban creates a sleek firm body by targeting your entire core, including abs, lower back, hips and glutes (25 minutes). Includes bonus downloadable “Abs on the Go” workout (15 minutes). 115 minutes.

UPC: 018713583826

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