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Dancer's Body Workout DVD

UPC: 018713518507
With the help of Patricia Moreno’s fun and passionate choreography, you will increase your heart-rate and work your entire body while you boost your strength, flexibility, balance and mindfulness. DVD Includes: 20-and 60-minute program options, “Learn the Moves” Tutorial and an Interview with Patricia Moreno.

David-Dorian Ross Intro to T'ai Chi DVD

UPC: 018713598486
9 beginner flows to balance mind, body and spirit.

Deepak Chopra Secrets of Enlightenment DVD

UPC: 018713538550
Transcend to a higher state of being.

Deepak Chopra: Grow Younger, Live Longer DVD

UPC: 018713580351
Deepak Chopra's Grow Younger, Live Younger DVD features: Features Deepak Chopra and his colleague, Dr. David Simon, Learn to take control of your mental, physical and spiritual well-being, Add years to your life and turn back your biological clock with 10 life-changing steps, 205 minutes.

ELLE: Beauty Sculpt DVD

UPC: 018713555601
Elle Beauty Sculpt Workout No.1: Is a dynamic, interval-based, full-body workout incorporating balance and posture and is designed to firm up and sculpt. Elle Beauty Sculpt Workout No. 2: consists of ab work, speed moves, and intervals for dramatic fitness results that will make your beautiful body even better! BONUS FEATURES: Pack like a supermodel with Brooklyn Decker and ELLE Creative Director Joe Zees ultimate carry-on fashion and beauty essentials. Plus One-minute workouts you can do anywhere.

ELLE: Workout Yoga DVD

UPC: 018713555595
Elle Workout Yoga Routine No. 1: is a 20-minutes yoga workout that focuses on lengthening and toning your entire body. Using proper breathing and alignment, tension and toxins are released. You’ll be left with a lean, toned, sexy body that you’ll feel great in and be excited to show off! Elle Workout Yoga Routine No. 2: is a 25-minutes cardio yoga workout that focuses on building total body strength. You’ll create a tone of heat with this upbeat, challenging routine that will melt away calories and make you strong and lean. BONUS FEATURES: Shop your closet with ELL

Emotional Freedom Now DVD

UPC: 018713548344
Liberate Yourself from negative emotions & transform your life!

Fit Body Yoga featuring Gwen Lawrence DVD

UPC: 018713587831
FITNESS TRAINING MEETS TRADITIONAL YOGA. Professional trainer Gwen Lawrence combines body-sculpting yoga practices with cutting-edge training techniques to bring you three 20-minute workouts that guarantee results.

Flow Yoga For Beginners DVD

UPC: 018713615190
Acclaimed yoga instructors Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman each lead two flowing yoga practices designed to lengthen the body and get the heart rate moving.