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Bob Greene: Total Body Makeover DVD

Bob Greene: Total Body Makeover DVD features: Get easy-to-follow workouts that get results fast, Conquer emotional eating once and for all, Build the strong emotional foundation necessary to undergo change, An interview with Bob Greene, 5 Simple Eating Rules,, Bob Greene's Getting Started booklet Bob's BEST LIFE plan provides the tools you need to achieve your Best Life: The Science of Weight Loss, Diet and Exercise Tools, Inspirational Clips.
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Best known as Oprah Winfrey's personal trainer, Bob Greene teaches you how to work out for maximum results in minimum time on his Total Body Makeover DVD. Eliminating the guesswork and pitfalls to losing weight and getting fit, Bob's 8-week fitness and exercise program targets multiple body parts while raising your heart rate for a bonus calorie burn. Great for first-time exercisers to individuals wanting to drop those last five pounds. 60 minutes plus bonus features. USA.

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The first program is a beginner's practice featuring Suzanne Deason. The second program, Total Body Balanceball®, challenges your body from head-to-toe with three 20-minute segments focused on working the upper, lower body and core to the max. BENEFITS: - Tone, sculpt and chisel your shoulders, arms, thighs and abs - Strength combined with a cardio workout means faster results - Improve core strength, agility and balance - Totally impact-free for joint safety KIT INCLUDES: - 65cm Pink Balanceball® - 2 DVD workouts - Resistance Band - Pump.
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4 Full-Length Workouts: Cardio Burn: Rev up your metabolism as you raise your heart rate and burn fat and calories with this fast-paced Pilates-inspired cardio session. Flat-Ab Blast: Firm and flatten your midsection with a powerhouse routine designed to fully engage all of your abdominal muscles and strengthen your core. Butt and Thigh Sculptor: Tighten and reshape your lower body with intense Pilates moves specifically designed to challenge these key trouble spots. Total-Body Makeover: Get stronger and leaner from head to toe and improve your posture and look tall
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