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Backless Balance Ball® Chair - Charcoal (w/Set of 4 Leg Extenders)

Backless version of our Classic Balance Ball Chair. Includes 4 chair leg extenders.
UPC: 625712705762

The Backless Balance Ball® Chair will engage your core, relieve pain, and help you breathe better without the temptation of resting your back and losing your posture. Small micro-movements caused from balancing on the ball will stimulate blood flow, keeping your core and back constantly engaged. Chair includes a removable 52cm balance ball, air pump, base with two secure ball holders, and lockable caster wheels for easy movability. 

Backless Balance Ball® Chair Features:

  • Engage your core, relieve pain and breathe better
  • Eliminates the temptation of resting your back
  • Small micro-movements from balancing build strength

Measurements: 22"W x 24"H x 22"D.

Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.

Height: For those 5'-5'11" tall.

INCLUDES: Backless Chair with 52cm Charcoal Ball. Pump. Exercise Guide. Set of 4 Balance Ball® Chair Leg Extenders.

UPC: 625712705762
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