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Balance Balls aren’t just for the gym, they also serve a great purpose in encouraging your child to learn and practice healthy posture with this fun alternative to a chair. Studies show that as children constantly move their body to maintain their balance on this moving seat, they are able to focus more easily.

"Generally speaking, people don't sit still," says Diana Henry, an occupational therapist who travels the country to offer school-based and individual occupational therapy services. "They are always wiggling around. The littlest kids are even more wiggly because their sensory systems are still developing.” That’s why children need recess at school. “ running and jumping and spinning and twirling and swinging,” says Henry, “those activities are very important for the development of children’s central nervous systems, their brain, and their body."

Some kids need more movement than others. And for some kids with a sensory processing disorder or ADHD, being in motion and using a Balance Ball Chair allows their brains to be engaged. "There is a neurological pathway that goes from your body's balance and movement system to your alert system in your brain. Movement actually allows for alertness and attention," says Henry.

That's where ball chairs come in. In response to the ball's instability and in order to remain balanced while sitting on one, the body instinctively — and continually — engages core muscle groups. Constant movement is required in order to stay seated on the ball. And that movement, however slight, helps kids focus!

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