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Yoga for Weight Loss Complete Program

3 Full-Length DVDs, 2 Audio CDs & 1 Weight Loss Guide!
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No matter your fitness level or flexibility, the Yoga for Weight Loss series can help you take advantage of yoga's many therapeutic benefits and put weight loss success into motion from day one. This unique three-program system makes it easy to get started quickly, build on weight loss success, and maintain a healthy weight for life.

Set Includes 3 DVDs:

Quick Start Yoga for Weight Loss - put weight loss success into motion quickly and easily with a program that optimizes fat burning from day one. This energizing, metabolism-boosting yoga program brings together change-from-within techniques and exclusive online access to delicious recipes and weight-loss “power tips” that make weight loss goals more attainable right from the start.

Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss - take advantage of yoga’s many therapeutic benefits with this complete three-part workout that accommodates all levels of fitness and flexibility. Acclaimed yoga instructor Suzanne Deason guides you through mind-body techniques that can help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Maintenance Yoga for Weight Loss - help maintain weight loss for life by restoring a stronger connection with the body’s signals and needs every day empowers a lifelong self-commitment and self-acceptance while keeping the body fit, lean, strong and agile. Sustains ongoing self-awareness to maintain balanced, healthful weight and new lifestyle practices for a lifetime.

BONUS: Weight Loss Guide

UPC: 029956325807

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