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Yoga for Stress Relief with Suzanne Deason DVD

Full length workout and BONUS How to Use Props Routine
UPC: 018713528896
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In just about every walk of life, people experience stress. Held in the muscles as tension, stress can impact health by diminishing energy and lowering resistance. Yoga for Stress Relief helps reduce the effects of stress and renew vitality.
In a simple, yet powerful workout practiced at dusk on the island of Maui, renowned yoga instructor Suzanne Deason guides postures to help create a more centered life. Deason encourages the use of yoga props such as the brick or block to ensure a comfortable, healing workout. How we cope with our stress determines our health and well-being. Practicing this rejuvenating workout every day can help you experience a more relaxed body and calmer, more peaceful mind.
DVD includes:
• Full length yoga practice (25 minutes)BONUS! How to Use Props.
• BONUS How to Use Props practice (30 minutes)
• In-depth interview with Suzanne Deason.
Props Recommended: Yoga Mat, Strap, Brick

UPC: 018713528896

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