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Walk & Sculpt Kit

Turn your workout into a super-shaping fat-burner with these easy-grip, body-sculpting weights.
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Get in shape by walking with the Walk & Sculpt Kit. Turn your usual walk into a super-charged, fat-burning workout. This quick calorie-burning workout featuring Leslie Sansone of Walk Away The Pounds® uses easy-grip, body-sculpting weights. Made of soft, easy-to-hold materials, these 1-lb. weights give your walking workout extra kick and help you shape and define the muscles of your arms, back, chest and shoulders - without placing extra stress on those important joints and ligaments. 95 minutes.


  • Full-length DVD with 3 workouts
  • Two 1lb./0.45kg Walking Balls


Get Up and Get Started - 1 Mile (18 minutes)

The Get Up and Get Started workout is designed to show you all the basics for a brisk, upbeat walk, from perfect posture to using weights, to make this walk one for your whole body.


High Calorie Burn - 2 Miles (30 minutes)

With the High Calorie Burn workout you’ll be amazed how easy it is to walk two miles when you’re at home in front of your TV. It’s time to turn up the intensity with this energizing workout. This program includes easy-to-follow warm-up and cooldown sections along with weight resistance for turning your body into a fat-burning machine.


Super Fat Burning - 3 Miles (47 minutes)

Super Fat Burning is a 3-mile super workout that will really challenge you. You will get more fat-burning, whole-body conditioning with incredible results.



• Perfect for all levels and abilities

• Fun and inspiring total-body workout

• Sculpting results of weight-lifting



Leslie Sansone has helped people walk their way into fitness for more than 25 years. By recognizing that the body is made to move, Leslie designs fun and effective programs for getting and staying fit. Leslie is the creator of the original Walk at Home series, the world’s leading walking program. She’s written four fitness books and has been featured in the New York Times, People Magazine and Prevention.

UPC: 018713537874

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