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Toning Ball Workout Kit

Improve strength, power, balance, agility and coordination with the Toning Ball Workout Kit!
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Improve your strength, power, balance, agility and coordination with the Toning Ball Workout Kit! The 35-minute toning ball workout features drills and intervals using the 4-lb. medicine ball to mimic everyday body movements. Rather than isolating individual muscles, the Toning Ball workout integrates several muscle groups simultaneously for the greatest possible benefit. After the solo routine, grab a partner and double your workout! The 35-minute bonus partner's workout is included on the DVD. Featuring Tanja Djelevic.

Toning Ball Workout Kit includes:  4 lb (1.82 kg) Toning Ball, Instructional Toning Ball DVD (focused segments for multiple muscle groups and a 10 minute abs routine, as well as the bonus partners workout).  

Benefits:  Tone, sculpt and chisel your shoulders, arms, thighs and abs, Improve core strength, agility and balance, Designed for all skill levels.

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