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The FIRM Calorie Explosion DVD

Powerhouse Cardio Circuits for Fast Fat-Burning Results!
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Fat doesn't stand a chance! Get set to burn maximum calories and fat like never before in this hardcore cardio workout! Calorie Explosion lets you customize routines to meet your fat-blasting goals - as well as your schedule. Choose a quick individual routine, mix two or three...or perform the entire workout for maximum calorie burn. On your mark, get set, blast!

3-minute Warm-up Start here and get your heart and muscles primed for calorie-burning action. Featured before every segment.

12-minute Kick-Butt Athletic Drills Get your entire body in motion with athletic movements that mix lower-intensity sculpting moves with light dumbbells.

12-minute Explosive Power Moves Full-power moves with lower-intensity sculpting moves with light dumbbells get your heart and muscles pumping.

12-minute Cardio Kickboxing Blast your legs, arms and core with a full-motion routine designed to kick calories to the curb!

12-minute High-Intensity Moves Blast body fat with a blend of high intensity moves and less intense sculpting moves with light dumbbells.

4-minute Cool-down/Stretch Finish strong and refreshed with this essential routine thta concludes each segment.

The FIRM Methodology
For more than 25 years The FIRM® has combined weight training with cardio in a unique, effective way to help you develop the body you've always wanted. The FIRM method maximizes your ability to sculpt and shape your entire body, burning up to three times more fat than cardio alone.

Run time: 55 minutes