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SPRI Step360 Pro

Add variety and excitement to your workouts while getting amazing results with the Step360 Pro. The included workout DVD targets all areas of the body for head-to-toe muscle conditioning and calorie burning. As you learn your way around the 360 you’ll work on strength, balance, flexibility, power and performance. Options with the Step360 Pro are limitless while performing both traditional and functional cardio, strength and balance movements.
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Combining the best in balance, strength & cardio, the Step360™ Pro is a versatile balance training device that enhances functional stability. Balance is the foundational skill element necessary to enhance the overall performance of sport, exercise, and rehabilitative activities. The Step360™ Pro provides a safe and superior balance challenge for all balance, core, range of motion, strength, power, and performance movements through the stabilization and enhancement of 3-dimensional motion. This 360° training experience is designed to enhance the body’s ability to react to a more demanding conditioning stimulus, thus heightening its training response.


The 360 TRAINING EXPERIENCE DVD includes three 20-minute workouts + one 10-Minute bonus routine with fitness trainer Jesse Pavelka.

·Cardio Combo: Supercharge your metabolism! Jessie Pavelka’s interval conditioning workout will help you burn fat and shape up fast. This quick and effective cardio training routine is designed to deliver rapid results. (20 minutes)

·Cardio Burst: Get a major calorie burn along with head-to-toe muscle conditioning with varied strength, balance, flexibility, power, and performance moves. (20 minutes)

·Muscle Up: Perform both traditional and functional strength and cardio movements to work your entire lower body, flatten your abs, and firm up your glutes and thighs. (20 minutes)

·Quick Calorie Burn: A Bonus Cardio Explosion!



        • Step360TM Pro

        • Step360TM Pro Workout DVD (70 minutes)

        • Step360TM Pro Training Chart

        • Step360TM Pro Air Pump



·Combines the best in balance, strength and cardio!

·Includes: Step 360 Platform, hand pump & The 360 Training Experience DVD (70 minutes).

·Includes: Round At-a-Glance Training Wall Chart: with the most popular Step360 Pro movements,

 featuring two movements from each of the six training phases.

·DVD includes: three 20-Minute Workouts + One 10-Minute Bonus Routine with fitness trainer Jesse Pavelka.

·Weight Capacity: 500lbs.

UPC: 018713582188