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SPRI Dynamic Recovery Hand Xerciser Kit

Build a better grip.
UPC: 625712703546
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Develop better hand, wrist and forearm strength through simple squeezing exercises. Latex-free Hand Xerciser balls come in three resistance levels, so you can gradually build strength and stamina and achieve a stronger grip. Xerciser balls can be heated or chilled for different applications.


  • One Medium, one Firm and one Extra Firm Hand Xerciser Ball
  • One Exercise Guide


  • Strengthens hands and forearms
  • Increases circulation and stamina
  • Prevents finger stiffness

Designed to prepare your body to get the most out of every workout and help your body recover post-workout.
Use before - to active the body, increase circulation, and enhance muscle readiness.
Use afterwards - to reduce soreness, stretch muscles, and restore body alignment.

UPC: 625712703546

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