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Rhythmica Dance Cardio Party DVD

This dance cardio workout is so fun, users won't even realize they're exercising!
UPC: 018713587862
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This dance cardio workout is so fun, users won't even realize they're exercising! Each dance routine has a Latin vibe, while providing a lot of variety and burning mega calories. DVD INCLUDES: 3 20-Minute Workouts  - Get Fit House Party - This segment features house music and the latest dance moves. You'll feel like you're in a nightclub instead of your home. Latin Dance Mix Rooted in Latin dance basics - This segment takes the user through an international dance party routine. Hip Hop Fat Burn - You'll burn calories and tone up while doing your favorite old school hip-hop party moves. 60 minutes.

English & French audio options.

UPC: 018713587862

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