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Quick Start Yoga DVD

Fast Efficient Workouts, 20 Minutes or Less.
UPC: 018713608727
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Short on time? Quick Start Yoga brings you five practices that can be completed in 20 minutes or less...perfect for today's busy lifestyle. Do one each day or mix and match to designer yoga perfect yoga practice - custom tailored to fit into your day. 5 practices on 1 DVD!

DVD Includes:
Energy Flow - increase energy, strength and flexibility with yoga master Rodney Yee. This carefuly crafted practice releases muscle tension and increases flexibility. (20 minutes)

Beginner's Flow -
Kathryn Budig delivers an energizing beginner's flow that empowers, strengthens and tones your entire body. (20 minutes)

Abs Yoga -
Rodney Yee revolutionizes standard core work with yoga poses designed to build strong, lean abs. (20 minutes)

Lower Body Tone -
Suzanne Deason helps reshape and tone your lower body with this effective yoga practice that targets hips, glutes and thighs. (20 minutes)

Strong Back -
Develop a stronger, more flexible back with Rodney Yee. These simple poses and standing postures are designed to increase both abdominal and spine strength. (20 minutes)

Total Running Time: 100 minutes

UPC: 018713608727

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