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Power Yoga Total Body Workout DVD

One of our most challenging yoga workouts!
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Power comes from a balance of all the elements of the body in relationship to each other. Power yoga can not only deliver a challenging physical workout and create detoxifying heat in the body, but also build greater strength of mind, body and intention. Yoga expert Rodney Yee guides you through a challenging yoga sequence that creates detoxifying heat in your body and helps you build inner and outer strength.


Practice-adaptation tips help customize your workout as you master more challenging sequences. Emphasizing the rhythm and steadiness of the practice, this program is a physically, mentally and spiritually satisfying workout. 64

Power Yoga Total Body workout is a seamlessly integrated 60-minute program that helps you fully experience the benefits of power yoga. Guided by acclaimed instructor Rodney Yee a flowing vinyasa sequence combines the Sun Salutation with standing poses, forward ends, back bends, twists and arm balances for a complete total-body workout. minutes.

Please note: this is one of our most strenuous DVDs as it offers a continuous hour long practice with no divided segments. Beginners may want to start with only part of the program at first.

UPC: 029956419506

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