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Lower Body Yoga For Beginners DVD

A complete 20-minute workout filmed atop Maui’s Haleakala volcano: Warm-up prepares both body and mind for the workout, Flow sequences and poses strengthen and tone legs, hips, glutes and abs, Deep relaxation brings quiet, meditative time into your day. Props Recommended: Mat, Blanket.
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Target the muscles in your lower body and you can dramatically reshape your physique – and with this yoga workout, you’ll also do so much more. You’ll find Lower Body Yoga to be on the of most enjoyable, complete and effective workouts anywhere for your hips, glutes, abs and legs – with results you can see and feel in just 20 minutes to a few times a week. The flowing rhythm of this routine, its stunning setting on Maui, and award-winning instructor Suzanne Deason’s confidence-building step-by-step guidance make this a workout you’ll look forward to again and again. You’ll quickly sculpt lean, firm muscle in your hips, buttocks, abs and legs while improving your flexibility and range of movement. Learn remarkably powerful yoga moves that zero in on your lower body fitness goals, while building body-mind strength and grace at the same time. Suzanne even includes instructions on how to ease into some of the more difficult poses, with modifications that make them easier to do when you’re starting out. Great for all ages and levels of fitness!

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