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Lower Body Pilates DVD

DVD Includes; Warm-up exercises, identify the powerhouse and align the body, Mat Exercises condition the abs, hips, buttocks and thighs, Vertical Alignment Exercises to refine posture and balance. Props Recommended: Pilates Bodyband, Pliates mat, cushion.
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A Great Workout for All Levels, From Beginner to Advanced Practitioners! The foundation of a strong body lies below the waistline – in the abs, hips, buttocks and thighs. Concentrating on the lower half of the body can help you strengthen your core, or powerhouse, the source of all Pilates movements. Certified fitness instructor and master Pilates trainer Jillian Hessel guides an invigorating workout that engages the powerhouse in unison with the breath. A modified version is simultaneously demonstrated for those with limited flexibility and strength. With regular practice, Pilates can give you more energy, strength and tone. Add this workout to your routine and you can begin to sculpt the long, lean lower body you want.