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Dance for Weight Loss DVD

High energy dance program to kickstart your workout.
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Challenge and invigorate your body and mind as you lose weight and firm up with this exhilarating dance program. Burn fat quickly with the high-energy dancing for weightloss workout! Patricia Moreno teaches you cardio dance moves that slim, tone and strengthen your entire body. With easy-to-follow instruction, Patricia leads you through a heart-pumping, calorie-burning dance workout that will help you lose weight quickly.

Slim down while having fun with popular moves from fitness and dance that focus on fat-burning cardio. Dance for Weight Loss includes 30- minute and 60-minute options perfect for both beginner and advanced exercisers. You will burn calories and tighten up without even realizing you're exercising. 86 minutes.

Dance for Weight Loss DVD includes:

  • 30- and 60-minute program options
  • 10-Minute dancer’s abs workout
  • "Learn the Moves" tutorial
  • Interview with Patricia Moreno
  • English & French audio options

UPC: 029956412507