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5 Day Fit Yoga DVD

5 varied workouts to keep your at-home workout centered.
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Add variety to your at-home yoga practice with five energizing workouts on one DVD. Yoga experts Rod Stryker and Suzanne Deason cover all the yoga positions and poses to get you strong and centered to begin transforming your mind and body.

Yoga workouts include: AM and PM Peak Performance Yoga, AM and PM Yoga for Weight Loss and Stress Relief Yoga, a guided relaxation and meditation sequence. Recommended props: yoga mat, yoga block and yoga strap. 130 minutes.

5 Day Fit Yoga DVD includes:

  • AM Peak Performance Yoga with Rod Stryker: This series of gentle morning stretches helps awaken the body and optimize your physical and mental well-being so you become more at ease in everything you do. 28 minutes.
  • PM Peak Performance Yoga with Rod Stryker: Focuses on breathing, relaxation and "softening the mind." 31 minutes.
  • AM Yoga for Weight Loss with Suzanne Deason: Gentle selection of morning yoga exercises to help maintain weight loss by restoring a stronger connection between the body and mind. 24 minutes.
  • PM Yoga for Weight Loss with Suzanne Deason: Series of energizing and fluid movements to relax the body and mind at the end of day. 27 minutes.
  • Stress Relief Yoga with Suzanne Deason: Unwind, soothe and relax yourself with this calming guided relaxation and revitalize your mind, body and spirit. 20 minutes.

UPC: 018713537614

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